Our Council

  Greg Petersen, Council President

This person chairs meetings of the church council, and voter's meeting. Works closely with the Pastor and assists the various deacons to insure the orderly conduct of the congregation's ministries.

  Robert Colvin, Council Vice President

Assisting the council president when needed and aiding deacons in their work.

  Cindy Steinbach, Recording Secretary

Takes minutes of council and voter's meetings and maintains official records of both.

  John Csapo, Treasurer

Overseas the financial business of the congregation, insures that bills and staff are paid and leads in development of the church budget.

  Jegadish Nadar, Financial Secretary

Records and tracks financial contributions to Trinity


Aliaksandra Anderson and Wilfried Kastening, Co-Deacons of Christian Life

Coordinates the planning of Congregational fellowship activities


Laura Muncie, Deacon of Communication

Coordinates communication of leadership and staff with the congregation and the local community.

  Laura Werner, Deacon of Inreach

Works with the staff and coordinates congregational care of members in need.


Paula Fears-Fischer and Lorenz Vasanth, Co-Deacons of Outreach

Coordinates local and global work of the congregation in sharing Christ's love with people by word and deed.


Eric and Bettina Provost, Co-Deacons of Property

Coordinates efforts which insure the proper upkeep of Trinity's property and equipment.

  Peter Brinkmann, Deacon of Stewardship

Coordinates efforts to encourage members to respond to God's love by the joyful offering of their time, talent and treasure to His service


Mary Beard and Audrey Korkmaz, Co-Deacons of Worship

Assists the Pastor and Music Director in coordinating the Worship services and music ministry of the congregation. They especially work to recruit and train the various worship assistants needed for each Sunday.

  Marnee Fierlbeck, Deacon of Youth and Education

Works with the DCE to coordinate Christian Education for young and old, as well as ministry to and by the youth of Trinity.