As you all know, a lot of changes became the 'new normal' last year. Thanks to a few dedicated members of this church, technology was put to use to make online service available.
For quite some time now we have the choice between online and in-person- worship service. Thank you to Sathish Henry, Pastor Schuschke and everyone else involved (including Rick Steenbock now resident in Missouri)! Happily we discovered that our community expanded! Praying with usare now many online participants in other parts of the world. What a great development and a silver lining for our community!

However, our initial way of preparing this online service can not be sustained in the longer run.
Thanks to our church office staff, and with the help of knowledgeable friends and members, necessary equipment could be identified and even be purchased under the conditions of a grant that took care of 50% of the purchasing costs.
This equipment needs to be paid in full in addition to having it properly installed,  good storage for regular use as well as an upgrade to the electricity circuit in the sanctuary. To complete all these parts of the project we need to raise an additional 8,000 €. 
Technology was the puzzle piece that kept our community together last year, I hope it's going to be a piece in creating a wider community in our future. So we named this project "Piece By Piece - Connecting Our Community." In the coming weeks you will see a puzzle here at Trinity Lutheran Church. We will use it to trace and inform you about incoming donations to the project and our 8,000€ goal. 
We would like to invite you to support this project in several ways. 
Please pray for the project's aim of connecting us beyond our building walls.
Prayerfully consider giving to our goal of raising the funds needed for finalizing the technology upgrade.
In case you have skills that would be needed for electrical upgrading, installation of audio- and video equipment or building of a cabinet to house the things for regular use. 

In the coming weeks you will see the puzzle pieces forming a picture here at Trinity Lutheran Church in Frankfurt am Main. The assembly of the puzzle will follow the progress of incoming donations. More details and background will be communicated in an upcoming edition of Table Talk as well as updates in emails, on Facebook and as part of the recordings.
After a year of missing a lot of social contacts, I am very happy to start building something tangible together with all of you: Piece By Piece-Connecting Our Community.
So God will!
If you would like to purchase the 1000 piece Trinity Puzzle to support the Piece by Piece project, 
you can place your order with the Church Office. The cost of the puzzle is 33 EURO. An overpayment 
of any amount is appreciated to fund the technology to continue broadcasting worship.