The mission of the Outreach ministry at Trinity Lutheran Church has several parts.

One of our goals is to increase our awareness, both as a congregation, and as individuals within the congregation, of various opportunities for service in the Frankfurt and surrounding areas.

Further, we wish to understand how best to support Christian and secular ministries throughout the world with our prayers, our service, and our financial support.

Finally, we wish to use our limited resources in the most effective way possible, understanding that we cannot and should not attempt to solve all the problems facing our society, or even of all of our sister communities, but instead should focus on those opportunities where we can have the greatest impact.  In particular, we try to focus on supporting individuals and organizations where there is some accountability and transparency, from seeing pictures of the individuals we help, to annual reports of organizations describing their impact.

Other ministries primarily serve our congregation, such as holding regular prayer nights to raise our hopes and concerns and give thanks for our many blessings.  These require a commitment of time, but can be done in one's home, where the solidarity from knowing others are also praying at the same time brings a sense of community participation to each person's private space.

If you know of individuals or organizations which would benefit from our support, please contact us so that we might better understand how we can help.