Trinity Primary Choir and Trinity Youth Choir are project choirs that rehearse for special worship services such as Trinity’s annual “Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols” (held on the 4th Sunday of Advent), Holy Week services (including Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday) and occasional other special events. Trinity’s primary choir is for children in grades 1-4 and Trinity’s youth choir is for children and youth in grades 5-12. The choirs each sing individual anthems, but also jointly and occasionally with the Sanctuary Choir.  

Rehearsals are led by Trinity’s Church Musician, Sol Crespo, and are normally held on specific Sundays from 9.00-9.30 before Sunday School and occasionally after worship services. In addition, there are always several extended joint Saturday rehearsals each year. Because Trinity’s children and youth choirs are now project choirs and no longer rehearse regularly during the week, a high priority is placed on regular attendance for participation in the project choirs. Exact rehearsal dates for individual projects are always given well in advance so that parents and children can plan and be prepared for the special worship services. 

The primary and youth choir members do not wear choir robes when singing in worship or concerts. Instead, all girls wear black knee-length skirts, black tights and black dress shoes. Boys wear black slacks and black dress shoes. Both girls and boys wear long-sleeved white blouses or dress shirts. Trinity does have some black skirts in various children’s’ sizes available for loan.